Life never turns out quite like you think it will, and that’s probably a blessing. The brilliance of age is that with it comes perspective. The older I get, the more I realize that, despite the momentary confusion, resistance, or resentment whenever things don’t go as planned, there is ultimately a reason for everything… Sometimes it’s hard to find the goodness in a moment of misery, but it’s always there.   Look closely.   The rewards at times may seem small, but when you zoom in, you realize that they are really a lot bigger than they appeared at first. Objects in the rearview mirror are closer than they appear… or something like that. Each day, we are given countless opportunities to see the beauty and make it all worthwhile. Life is long. But it is also short. And it’s up to us to make each day count. 

Welcome to Ebb and Flow.  A collection of thoughts on life.  

On choice, second chances and making it count

It is easy to go through life wishing you had taken the other path, or made a different decision. We spend too much time holding on to the option that we rejected wondering if that would have made us happier, better, more successful, wealthier.  We sacrifice the ability to embrace this moment when we hold […]

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Getting my second wind

Learning from burnout, allowing myself to be inspired, and finding joy. Twenty years with the same company and at the height of my career, I suddenly found myself uninspired. I genuinely loved my colleagues and the people I served, but I struggled to find the joy in my day to day.  While I knew there […]

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i wanted to miss him

At the intersection, there was a couple. Their clothes looked clean and they spoke to one another gently. Had I seen them anywhere else, they might have looked like a typical couple on a summer’s day. But under the bridge by the stoplight, a different story emerged. She drank from a plastic bottle, water I […]

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“Since time is the one immaterial object which we cannot influence neither speed up nor slow down add to nor diminish – it is an imponderably valuable gift.”

Maya Angelou